Drivers as Individuals

Drivers log billions of miles to keep our nation supplied and working. Sometimes in the statistics the individual driver is overlooked. Yet, it is these millions of unique individuals that make the trucking industry work.

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Drivers as Team Members

While the driver is an individual, each driver is a team member. Being a better team member makes life and work better for everyone. Even independent operators must cooperate with those who provide the load and those who receive the load.

inCourage1 is ready to help.

Drivers – Life Blood of the Nation

The extraordinary contributions of drivers are often overlooked or taken for granted. Sometimes the individual is lost in all the “stuff” that makes the trucking business such a vital part of American Business.

Most people, and drivers are no exception, can become so busy with the demands of life

that they have no time to take care of themselves.
If you don’t take care of your health…..who will?
If you are discouraged or depressed and you don’t seek help…. who will?
If you know there is something missing in your life and you don’t search for it….. who will?

inCourage1 exists for the purpose of helping drivers, as individuals, to cope with life’s challenges.

In life’s challenges sometimes you just need…

Someone to care

Someone to pray

Someone to call

Frank Battles

Helps when challenges come
Unique Ministry for Truckers